Alfa-Tec Alfalfa and Alfalfa/ Timothy Cubes
November 13, 2020

Year-Round Hay Replacement

Looking for a quality hay replacement for your horses? Alfalfa Cubes and Alfalfa/Timothy cubes are low in sugar and starch while enhancing protein and overall quality of your forage diet.

Nutritional Benefits

Alfalfa Cubes and Alfalfa/Timothy cubes help enhance the protein content and overall quality of your forage diet. Alfalfa can also act as a natural buffer when compared to a grass hay of equal weight. Its calcium and potassium content function as alkalizing agents and while the protein serves as a buffer for stomach acid.

Aim to feed your horses around 1-2 lbs of these cubes about 1-2 hours before your ride. This will help protect the upper stomach as the acid contents are be buffered by the mat of cubes. It also helps to wet the cubes as water will assist in diluting the stomach acid and assist with fluid balance.

Helps Prevent Ulcers 

Research on higher level dressage horses show that 57% have gastric ulcers. This is because the act of collection raises the body up and pushes the stomach, moving the lower acidic portion into the non-acidic area (the upper esophageal area). This portion of the stomach has zero mucous protection, which results in inflammation and often ulcers. Adding water to the cubes functions to additionally dilute the stomach acid, further assisting in the prevention of stomach ulcers. 

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