Co-op Fuel & Convenience
April 10, 2024

Need a pit stop? Head to your Otter Co-op gas bar for more than just fuel. We’re committed to keeping you moving with top-tier certified fuel and Quick Deals on your favorite snacks and drinks. Visit any one of our 25 gas bars from Pemberton, Whistler, Squamish, through the Fraser Valley and all the way up to the Okanagan.

Gas Bar

Your local Co-op offers high-performance fuels at competitive pricing.  Our fuels are Top Tier Certified, meaning they are certified to assist in protecting your engine through detergent additives. Detergent additives serve to prevent the buildup of engine "gunk," which can cause a host of mechanical problems. 

Convenience Store

Whether it’s a quick drive or a road trip, we've got your back. Fill up your tank and grab some snacks to fuel your journey. Fresh Co-operative Coffee, or a Big Cool in the summer, you'll find your favourite ready-to-go snacks when you step inside. Visit Otter Co-op gas bar today and make every stop a little more enjoyable. Your journey starts here.

*Please note the following Gas Bars do not currently offer Co-operative Coffee: Penticton Main Street, Blue Jay, Gloucester.

Car Wash

Take pride in your ride! Otter Co-op offers car wash services to help you keep your vehicle sparkling clean at our Blue Jay, Faireview, Ladner, Rutland, and Whistler locations, as well as a partnership with Superwash in Penticton. Did you know that with a 25L fill, you receive $2 off your Co-op Carwash?

Marked Fuel

Otter Co-op is proud to offer Marked Fuel for certified guests at the following locations: 248th, Gloucester, Ross Road and Progress Way.

Find an Otter Co-op Gas Bar near you.

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