Fuel Up with E85 at 248th
September 26, 2023

CO-OP® Flex E-85 fuel is available at our 248th Gas Bar in Aldergrove, making Otter Co-op one of the first businesses in the province to offer the ethanol-based fuel to drivers.

This domestically produced fuel blend contains between 51 to 83 percent ethanol, a much higher percentage than regular gasoline, which typically contains up to 10 per cent. This results in a high-performance fuel with significantly reduced emissions.

How to use Co-op Flex E-85

Co-op Flex E-85 is engineered for today’s Flex Fuel Vehicles and is not approved for use in all gasoline engines.

Flex Fuel Vehicles are available from most major auto manufacturers and can typically be recognized by a Flex Fuel logo or yellow E-85 gas cap on the vehicle. Drivers who choose Co-op Flex E-85 can expect these benefits:

  • Renewable: The ethanol used in Co-op Flex E-85 is produced from renewable resources, such as corn.
  • Reduced emissions: Co-op Flex E-85 has a greater oxygen content than other gasoline products, resulting in a cleaner burning fuel that reduces CO2 emissions and improves air quality.
  • Performance: Co-op Flex E-85 has an exceptionally high-octane rating, which results in increased power and acceleration.
  • Flexible: Flex Fuel Vehicle owners can seamlessly switch between Co-op Flex E-85 and other gasoline products.

Drivers can fuel up with Co-op Flex E-85 at the Otter Co-op Gas Bar in Aldergrove, located at 248th Street and Fraser Highway. 

Curious if Flex Fuel is right for your vehicle? See the compatibility list below, but always check your owner's manual or contact the manufacturer if you're unsure. 

Price adjustments coming to CO-OP® FLEX E-85 GASOLINE™

In 2018, Co-op entered into a partnership with the B.C. government to pilot a program offering E-85 to our customers. With the end of the pilot program in 2022, E-85 pricing will be adjusted to reflect increases in costs.

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