How to Brighten your Mood When You Have the Winter Blues
November 22, 2023

With the anticipation of the holidays building, this time of year is exciting. But the Winter Blues can come on strong and be difficult to shake. The days are short and the weather often gloomy – it’s no wonder so many people struggle to find balance day-to-day.

Maybe you or someone you know is in the thick of it now and wondering how to feel better. Well, we’ve come up a list of tips to help brighten your mood when you’ve got the winter blues.

Be Active 

Exercise can be tough, but aside from the physical benefit, it also contributes to your mental health. Physical activity releases feel good hormones in your body, making it an effective stress reliever. The best part of all is that exercise doesn’t need to look one certain way and can take on many forms. So, if you don’t enjoy working out in a gym, you don’t have to. Whether your lifting weights, playing tennis, or even going for a walk, as long as your being active, you’re helping yourself kick the winter blues.


Have you ever heard someone tell you that their socially drained? Or that their social battery is running low? These sayings go hand in hand with the winter blues. You may feel as though you don’t have enough energy to socialize and talk to people, or maybe you simply don’t want to. However, social support is incredibly important, especially when you’re feeling low. Even if you don’t want to chat, surround yourself with people – friends, family, roommates. Being around other people and having interactions can significantly improve the way you feel.

Practice Self-Care

It’s a common rule of thumb to be kind to one another, but what about being kind to yourself? Often, we are so focused on taking care of the people around us or simply have a lot going, that we end up neglecting ourselves. Practicing acts of self-care, even in the smallest forms can help boost your mood, lower your stress-levels, and increase your energy. Take for example, buying flowers for yourself – you may question what the point is, but there doesn’t need to be one. You can absolutely get yourself something solely for the sake of doing just that, because it brightens your day just a little. Lucky for you, your local Co-op carries fresh flowers at great value, so head on over and make your day a bit more lively.

Unwrap the Season

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Create a Cozy Environment

Repetitive Winter days can be dreary and dull, making you feel like you’re in a mental rut. The climate might be beyond your reach, but you can control your surroundings. Make your living space warm and inviting - use blankets, seasonal decorations, dim lighting, or anything else you’d like to create a cozy atmosphere that will help you counteract the winter blues.

Eat Healthy (When You Can)

It's hard during the holidays to stay on track of your diet, so many baked goods, sweets and meals with family and friends can leave you feeling full but finding time to enjoy some fresh fruit and vegetables, which are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that nourish your body have also been shown to boost happiness. Your local Otter Co-op Food Store carries a fresh selection of locally grown fruits and vegetables that will keep you in great spirits all winter long.

Keep in mind that everyone is different, so it may take some experimentation to find what works best for you, but if your winter blues persist or worsen, please seek support from a mental health professional.

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