Introducing Otter Co-op's Pubs and Taphouse
June 22, 2023

At Otter Co-op, we believe in creating spaces that bring people together, where good times and great flavors intertwine. We are thrilled to unveil our excellent pubs and taphouse, each with unique character and irresistible charm. As a Co-op member, you can now enjoy the benefits of your membership at all three locations, ensuring a delightful experience every time.

The Highwayman Pub

The Highwayman, a cherished classic in Abbotsford, is renowned for its warm hospitality and lively atmosphere on Simon Avenue. Whether you're unwinding with a refreshing pint or indulging in classic pub fare, The Highwayman guarantees an unforgettable experience steeped in tradition.

Exciting news! The legacy of The Highwayman has expanded to embrace a new community in South Surrey. You can now find us conveniently situated on the corner of 16th Ave and 152nd.

Explore more about our offerings on our website, here.

Angry Otter Tap & Forno

Angry Otter Tap and Forno is a family-friendly restaurant in North Vancouver that combines the love for exceptional brews with the aroma of Italian culinary delights. As you step into this vibrant taphouse, you'll be greeted by forty taps featuring an array of local brews. And at the heart of the restaurant, our big forno oven imported from Italy bakes mouthwatering pizzas made with all local ingredients that will leave a lasting impression.

Check out its website here

No matter which restaurant you visit, you can take full advantage of your Co-op membership benefits, ensuring extra value and exclusive rewards. So, gather your friends, raise your glasses, and let Otter Co-op's pubs and taphouse be your go-to destinations for memorable experiences, delectable cuisine, and the joy of being part of a thriving community. Cheers!