January 22, 2024

You seek optimal care for your horses, and we share that commitment. Otter Co-op manufactures a comprehensive range of premium equine feeds, scientifically formulated to fulfill the needs of high-performance horses. For detailed information on the content of our feed, explore the spec sheets below. 

H01676 Matrix Fiber Smart Horse Pellet

H61981 Matrix Ration Balancer Horse Supplement

H61985 Matrix Ration Balancer Lite Horse Supplement

H71989 Matrix Mature Horse Pellet

H73981 Matrix Mature Horse Textured

H93002 Matrix Broodmare & Foal

H93030 Matrix Fat Smart Horse Pellet

H93980 Matrix Senior Pellet

M73997 Matrix Fibre Max Pellet

Check out the attached brochure below for a comprehensive list of Matrix Premium Equine Feeds. We offer free consultations with our Otter Co-op Nutritionists. Connect with us at 604.607.6905 or

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