Otter Co-op Animal Feeds
August 10, 2018

Feed Selection

Otter Co-op has built a reputation for manufacturing feeds of exceptionally high quality that meet and exceed the demands of the industry.

Our Brands

Otter Co-op produces and carries the following feed brands:

  • Nature's Mix
  • Nature's Blend
  • Lifeline Animal Feeds
  • Lifeline Equine Feeds
  • Matrix Premium Equine Feeds

Types of Feeds

Otter Co-op carries feed products (and related supplies) for:

  • Horses
  • Poultry (including chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, ratites and game birds)
  • Hogs & Swine
  • Dairy & Beef Cattle
  • Sheep, Goats & Llamas
  • Small Animals
  • Pets

Otter Co-op owns and operates a feed mill in Armstrong BC, with its primary production being bulk dairy feeds. Contact us at 604.607.6905.

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