Simple Products to Make Sustainable Changes
April 17, 2024

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22nd to celebrate and promote sustainability initiatives that align with the environmental movement. As we reflect on the sustainability efforts we’ve made so far, we are encouraged to continue progressing towards more environmentally friendly practices.

Examples of some of our on-going practices include partnerships with local, including agricultural and environmental groups; our Feed Recycling Program which recycles excess feed ingredients left over during the manufacturing process rather than wasting them; Ethanol E85 Fuel, which reduces exhaust emissions when it’s used (available at the Co-op Gas Bar on 248th Street).

Did you know? You can adopt more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices day to day through the products you choose to use. And, you can find environmentally friendly everyday products at your local Otter Co-op food store! Read more about products we carry that make a difference.

Bonterra Bathroom Tissue

Toilet paper is a necessity for everyone. Bonterra Bathroom Tissue is responsibly sourced and made from 100% recycled paper in Canada, it also comes in plastic free packaging.

Co-op Gold PURE Birch Cutlery

The next time you’re shopping for disposable cutlery, replace your plastics forks, knives, and spoons with Co-op Gold PURE’s Birch Cutlery! Made from birch, this cutlery is a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic that ends up in our land fills!

Ziploc Endurable Pouches or Containers

Ziploc’s Endurable pouches and containers are a reusable alternative to disposable single-use plastic bags. Not only do reusable bags and containers reduce the use of plastic, but they’re also more cost-efficient over time. These bags and containers in particular can also be placed in the freezer and oven.

Brita Pitcher

Brita filters are known to reduce or remove contaminants. By opting for a Brita, you’ll cut back on plastic bottle waste, in addition to drinking cleaner water!

Co-op Gold Compostable Bags

Protect the planet with Co-op Gold’s Compostable Bags for a greener tomorrow! They decompose unlike plastic bags, and are a natural choice when tossing out food waste.

Sustainability is an on-going cause, but together, we can make a difference – one small change at a time. The next time you’re planning your shopping list, consider incorporating some of these simple everyday products into your routine, and reducing your carbon footprint!