Cleaning supplies
Spring Cleaning
March 6, 2024

Have you noticed how when you leave work or school these days, there’s still daylight outside? Or when you walk out to your car in the mornings, you’re pleasantly surprised more often by not having to defrost your windshield? Well, these are tell-tale signs that spring is finally on its way after a long cold winter. The first day of spring is on March 19th, which means it’s time to start your spring cleaning! This week we bring you some tips to help make this big clean a little bit easier.


Before you dive into deep cleaning, start by decluttering your spaces. Donate or discard items you no longer need or use. Not only does this create a cleaner space and make it easier to organize afterwards, but it also provides a mental refresh.

Invest in Quality Cleaning Supplies

Having the right tools can make all the difference. Stock up on high-quality cleaning supplies to make your job easier. Find your high-quality cleaning essentials at your local Otter Co-op food store.

Deep Clean Your Fabrics and Upholstery

Your carpets, fabrics, and upholstery can accumulate dirt, debris, and allergens, especially in the winter when outdoor elements like snow, mud, and salt find their way into your home. Refresh your fabrics and upholstery through a wash and remove deep seated dirt from your carpets with the help of a carpet cleaner.

Update Your Bedding and Linens

Switch out your winter bedding for something lighter and more breathable, and launder your pillows, duvets, and mattress protectors. This will revitalize the space you sleep in for spring!

Wipe Down Your Windows

While your curtains are in the wash don’t forget to show some TLC to your windows. Dust and clean your windowsills, frames, and glass for a bright and clear view!

Refresh Your Kitchen and Appliances

Give your kitchen a thorough cleanse by wiping down your countertops, scrubbing any residue from your oven, and cleaning out your refrigerator. Remove everything from your refrigerator from food to removable shelves and drawers, then wipe down the interior. Take the shelves you removed and wash them out prior to putting them back in. And, before you restock the items you pulled out, go through them and verify the expiration date, discarding anything that’s past it’s prime, gone bad, or not wanted anymore.

With a little effort and the right tools, you'll be ready to welcome the season with a fresh and organized home. Happy spring cleaning!