Your Guide to picking the perfect steak
February 23, 2024

We understand how important it is for you to bring home the freshest, most flavorful ingredients home to your family, so our Otter Co-op Butchers take extra special care while preparing our meat. 

Our steaks AAA Western Canadian Beef that is aged 28 days in a humidity and temperature controlled case meaning you'll bring home beautiful, rich, tender, flavourful meat that is ready to cook. 

All of our steaks are hand-cut in each of our three food stores, and our Parallel Road team cuts the steaks that are delivered to and served at The Highwayman. 

Now, you're probably asking, which steak is best. We've got you covered! 

As with all the steaks listed below and the others you'll find at your Otter Co-op, make sure you allow your steak to come up to room temperature before you cook. This will allow your steak to cook evenly. One more tip, season liberally. Steaks lose about 40% of the seasoning in the pan, so season both sides while you bring it to room temperature, season in the pan and when it rests.

Tenderloin — The most tender of the cuts. This one is often the most expensive but worth every dime. When cooking a tenderloin, be careful to not overcook as this cut can dry out due to the lack of marbling. Make sure you take this out of the fridge 30 to 45 mins before cooking to bring it up to room temperature. If you don't, you risk cooking the outside and having a raw, ice cold middle since it won't cook evenly.

Heat your pan/skillet, then add oil. Once your oil starts to lightly smoke you know it's ready to cook. Drop your tenderloin and let it sear for 4 to 5 minutes depending on it's thickness. Add fresh thyme and garlic then flip once. Baste with butter to keep the tenderloin moist. When you remove from heat and allow it to rest, pour the remaining oil/butter over top to lock in flavour. Let sit almost as long as you cooked it and enjoy. 


Ribeye has more flavour than a Tenderloin due to it's immense marbling. Which means this cut is more forgiving too if you were to over cook slightly. The marbling keeps the steak tender and moist. If you want tenderness, juicy marbling, and a rich, beefy flavor, this cut is for you. 


This cut isn't too expensive and for the taste, it's a great choice! It's marbling means you'll have a moist, delicious steak. It can be tough to time out while cooking, but once you master it, it's a home run!

Let your steak come to room temperature before cooking and season. Get your pan/skillet HOT. Add oil and drop your striploin when the oil starts to smoke. Let it sear for about 90  2 min then render the fat side for 30 seconds. This will add more flavour to the oil and give you more flavour to your steak. Drop it in a new spot in the pan and allow the other side to cook, turn down the heat and sear for 2  3 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to rest. 

Make a delicious chimichurri to go with this cut for more flavour and enjoy! 


The T-Bone Steak is a favourite among many because you get to enjoy a tenderloin side and a striploin side. The 'T' shaped bone seperates the two cuts.

If you're looking for a cut to make a stew or long cook, then look for a chuck cut  Flat Iron or Chuck Top Blade both work when slow cooked and braised while cooking. As our butchers which cut is right for your next recipe. 

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