April 4, 2022

Travel Well

In the excitement of vacation planning, it can be easy to overlook one of the most important elements of a successful trip—your good health. Booking a pre-travel consultation with your local Otter Co-op pharmacist is a convenient way to get health information for your trip.

Why are pharmacists great resources for travel health?

Pharmacists, especially those trained in travel health, have knowledge of immunizations, risks of travel to specific destinations and information on travelling with underlying conditions. In many cases, they can administer any required immunizations. Pharmacists are convenient and easily accessible healthcare professionals who can help you with all of your travel health needs.

Who could benefit from a travel health consultation?

Anyone considering travel outside of Canada can benefit from a travel health consultation. It may be to ensure you are up to date with your routine vaccinations or to receive valuable health information on travel to a specific destination. Even if you’ve had a travel consultation in the past, it can be a great opportunity to ensure there haven’t been any changes to immunization recommendations and to receive any boosters you may need before travel.

How long before departing should I consult a pharmacist about my travel?

You should consult a pharmacist at least six to eight weeks before you leave to review your current immunizations and assess your needs based on your travel destination. Although this is an ideal timeframe, a travel consultation at any time prior to your departure date may be beneficial as you can receive important information on health risks and disease prevention strategies specific to your destination.
What occurs during a pre-travel consultation?

A pre-travel consultation includes an individual risk assessment based on your health and vaccine history, as well as place of travel. From this assessment, our pharmacists will be able to provide you with both verbal and written information on possible health concerns and risks, as well as prevention strategies to avoid disease. If needed, our pharmacist can, in many cases, administer any required vaccines as well as provide medications recommended for travel.

Why is informing my pharmacist about my destination and itinerary important?

This information allows our pharmacist to make specific recommendations based on your travel plans and to provide information that is personalized to the type of travel. For example, resort travel is often less risky than visiting remote destinations.

How can a pharmacist assist with travel immunizations?

Our pharmacies also provide injection services, making them a convenient stop before your trip.

Which medications are most important to consider for my travel?

A basic travel kit could include items such as antidiarrheals, antinauseants, antihistamines, over-the-counter pain medications and a first-aid kit tailored to your destination. It is also important to travel with an adequate supply of any prescription or over-the-counter medications you use on a regular basis.

Some of our services may not be available in all locations. In order to serve you best, please check with your local Otter Co-op Pharmacist.

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