Otter Co-op Membership
September 26, 2018

A co-operative is people – and our co-operative is constantly striving to ensure that our policies and practices are in the best interest of the consumers we serve, and designed to maintain the co-operative as an effective consumer service in the market place.

Membership Information

For general information about Co-op membership, please visit our Co-op Membership page.

Become a Member

Interested in becoming a member? Our Membership Application Form can be found attached below.

Withdrawal of Equity

To review Otter Co-op's Equity Policy and apply for withdrawal of equity, please see the attachment below.

Rules of Otter Co-op

To read the rules of Otter Co-op, please see the attachment below.

Change of Address

To inform us of a change to your address, please email

Membership Questions

For any other inquiries related to membership, please email or phone (604) 856-2517.

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